Working To Support Dreamland Mission Hospital

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Brewers have been supporters of Dreamland Mission Hospital since 2012, having the pleasure of watching the hospital grow for over a decade, both in size and in scope of the medical services they can offer. They now employ over 100 staff locally and treat 40,000 patients a year, providing specialist eye, orthopaedic and maxillofacial surgery. 

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6 Brewers colleagues headed to Africa in January to support Dreamland Mission Hospital, this time focusing on the redecoration of wards, specifically working on repainting bedside cabinets.

The team were there from the 13th-22nd of January, immersing themselves in the community - Sulli Salim, Sophie Hillman, Joanne Lathan, Marc Miles, Amy Earp and Ali Thistlewood have had a truly unforgettable experience! 

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Brewers and Dreamland Mission Hospital throughout the years:

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Supporting communities in Africa.

DMH provides quality care at prices the rural community in the Mount Elgon and Bungoma county of Western Kenya can afford. The hospital is vital to the community as healthcare is hard to access in this part of Africa. 

For over a decade, Brewers have been sending small teams to visit and help with the hospital’s development in this remote corner of Kenya. Every year there is a new project or addition to the hospital to further support the local community.

Over the years, the hospital has grown both in size and in scope of the
medical services it can offer. 

We have built up a very special relationship with
the staff there including Dr Becky Nightingale, the UK trustee and health
programme manager, and the hospital CEO Ruth Nabie.



Brewers’ support has been extraordinary. The first donations allowed a small health clinic to transfer into a hospital. Brewers provided funds towards to the first operating theatre and new wards, this kick started an amazing growth. The hospital has gone from 14 staff and a few small clinic rooms into a 90-bedded, 130-staff facility. This has transformed the healthcare that the community around can receive. 

The ongoing partnership is so special, meeting the Brewers team every few years and have a new painting project is such morale boost for our staff and the local community. The team are always excellent, our staff enjoy working with them and we hope that your team learn from us. We are extremely grateful for the partnerships and the huge difference it has made to community, so we look forward to welcoming the next team.

Dr Becky Nightingale UK trustee and Health Programme Manager.

Brewers are such a blessing to this hospital and the community, the team really bless the hospital and the patients. The team encourage our staff and have made sure our hospital stays looking very smart. The regular fundraising and support for work we do means that we can continue to grow and develop the hospital in line with our stakeholders. We don't know how to thank you enough for the support you have given IcFEM Dreamland Mission Hospital, we hope and pray another team will come soon. Asante Sana.”

Mrs Ruth Nabie
IcFEM, Dreamland Mission Hospital